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37 bronnen gevonden

Circular Procurement in 8 Steps: Guideline for the Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Industry

This guideline offers eight steps for circular procurement with a wide variety of examples from the civil and hydraulic engineering industry.

Setting up base camp by 2023 (work in progress)

This document explains where we stand with the circular construction economy. An important milestone will come in 2023 when the 'base camp' will be ready. This base camp comprises all the necessary instruments, tools and conditions to proceed.

Netherlands Integral Circular Economy Report 2021

Summary of bi-annual report produced under the Dutch Work Programme Monitoring and Evaluation CE 2019–23. Its purpose is to monitor and evaluate the progress made towards 'NL circular in 2050'.

Lexicon Circular Construction

The english version of the lexicon 'Circular Construction', created by Platform CB'23, with unambiguous terms and definitions.

Dutch national environmental database NMD

What does the Dutch National Environment Database foundation do exactly? This video explains the method behind the database.

Circular Infrastructure Business Models

In this report, the Business and Value Case working group that was part of the Open Learning Environment Circular Bridges and Viaducts details four possible circular business models for infrastructure.

Modular Construction: From projects to products

This McKinsey research quantifies the potential benefits of modular construction, explores the challenges, and looks at whether this building style will have a more widespread and sustainable impact.

Rethinking Timber Buildings

Seven perspectives on the use of timber in building design and construction.

100 Projects UK CLT (cross-laminated timber)

This book presents the case for using engineered timber with one hundered studies encompassing a wide range of scales, styles and types.